Purpose Of Meditation



This meditation is changing human mind to universe mind and thus being reborn as the body and mind of the Universe. If you are reborn as the Universe you will eternally never die. human maind-Universe mind

In the world, there is the True world and false world.

If you see from the perspective of the True world,

you can know all of the principle of the world, as well as where man goes when he dies.

Since man is completely dead, trapped in his own mind world which is a false world, he knows nothing.

All religious scriptures were seen and spoken from the True world.

This meditation teaches the method of destroying the false world,
being reborn in the True world, and living eternally in the True world.
The one who is born in the True world which is human completion while living will live forever.

The one who lives in the false world just dies and that’s it.

Meditation - Human Mind

The human mind is a picture that man has taken of the world, and his self lives inside the picture.

 Meditation - Universe & Human Mind

Therefore, if you get rid of that world of pictures, you become the Universe Mind.

It is necessary to be reborn as the Truth which is the body and mind of the universe in order to live eternally.

The most important thing in the world is :

 If you die and disappear,

there is no meaning or value.

Saving myself while making a living is the most important thing.

There is nothing more than important than myself living.

This meditation has the method to live forever.

The solution is subtracting the human mind.

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Welcome to Meditation India! Recently we have two centers in India. One at Gurgaon and the other is at Mumbai. Always we provide a free Introductory for everyone. This meditation is a unique method to change human mind to true mind, the infinite universe mind. Human mind is the problem but the solution is subtraction. […]