Vision of Meditation

Our Meditation’s vision is for all people to achieve human completion, become fundamentally united, and live in peaceful coexistence through cleansing the mind.

This meditation was founded in 1996 and there are now about 345 meditation centres in 37 countries world-wide. The meditation’s systematic and scientific method is universal; it transcends race, cultures, religions, and national borders and is easily practiced by anyone from children to the elderly. To date, there are over 300,000 practitioners all over the world who have been enlightened of their true nature, the Universe, and are finding lasting happiness through the Meditation method.

Meditation is a place where you become true by discarding your false body and mind.

This Meditation method is simple, clear, and inclusive which is why it was able to become so popular in such a short period of time.

A method for cleansing the mind exists in this meditation.

This Meditation is a ‘total education’ where one can achieve human completion.

This Meditation offers various programs that cater to different ages and needs, in order to make it more relevant and accessible to all people. Its benefits are wide-reaching as is evident by the variety of different organizations that have adopted the meditaiton into their curriculums or training programs.

Registered as a non-profit organization, this meditation offers elective courses in universities in Korea since 2008. It is also an accredited professional development course for teachers as well as being adopted as part of the training program for employees both in governmental departments and organizations; Seoul Metropolitan Government, Ministry of Security and Public Administration, and big corporations such as Samsung and Kia. K-12 students come to attend the Maum Meditation Youth Camp during school breaks and holidays and college students attend the biannual Meditation University Camp.

True peace among mankind is achieved by changing one person’s mind.

This meditation can lead to the achievement of world peace because one would live for others after he has achieved human completion.

About Meditaton India

Meditation India

Welcome to Meditation India! Recently we have two centers in India. One at Gurgaon and the other is at Mumbai. Always we provide a free Introductory for everyone. This meditation is a unique method to change human mind to true mind, the infinite universe mind. Human mind is the problem but the solution is subtraction. […]