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Nonsan Main Center in Nonsan city, South Korea 

The main center is located on a beautiful countryside in Nonsan City, South Korea.

Every week more than 500 people register and visit the center.

The mediation classes are consisted of lectures and group meditation and individual meditation .

Lecture would be about the mind and truth, and would be instructing about the method of how to cleanse the mind. .

All courses and meditations are fun and easy so anyone can join..

Visited by meditation students from all over the country and the world, special attention is paid to accommodations and food provided. Fresh local produce from the area make up the bulk of the ingredients used in the cafeteria with basic condiments such as soy sauce, chili and miso paste made on site in the traditional way. Bedding is laundered with bay salt and detergent made from natural ingredients and then, dried first in the sun and open air, and then again in a heated room before being folded and stored.

However, the reason many students from different backgrounds and countries feel comfortable and at home at the Main Center is the more one subtracts one’s minds, the more he is filled with Truth; and when one has the mind of Truth, everyone is like family.


407- 11 Sangdo-ri, Sangwol-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea  320-931 


* For more inquires please contact your local center in India

-Gurgaon : / 9717863915

-Mumbai : / 7715814705 / 7715814709

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Welcome to Meditation India! Recently we have two centers in India. One at Gurgaon and the other is at Mumbai. Always we provide a free Introductory for everyone. This meditation is a unique method to change human mind to true mind, the infinite universe mind. Human mind is the problem but the solution is subtraction. […]