Meditation FAQs


Is it possible for one to completely cleanse the mind?

Yes, but until now no one has been able to do so because there was no method to cleanse the mind. This meditation provides a clear definition of what the mind is and the method to cleanse it.


Can the individual mind be eliminated?

Eliminating the individual mind means recalling and discarding pictures in the mind. The only way to discard the pictures is through this subtraction meditation


Why does the body become healthier when cleansing the mind?

The false mind stores itself in the tissues and organs of the body. When the body accumulates false mind, the stress in the body eventually becomes the cause of disease. Because the body and mind are one, when the mind is cleansed, energy in the body flows smoother and we become healthier.


If I lead “the good life” do I still need to cleanse my mind?

Even though you may live peacefully, you live a life that is false because you cannot know the true self within until you cleanse the false self. At some time or another you will face uneasiness and difficulty when conditions change. When you cleanse your mind and find your true self, your mind will remain peaceful no matter what situations occur. Finding true self is a necessity for everyone.


What makes this meditation different?

This meditation offers a definitive explanation of the mind as well as provides a distinct step by step method for cleansing the mind. Maum Meditation is not about temporarily quieting or suppressing the mind. It is about cleansing the deep rooted mind of our past and becoming the mind and body of the universe.


How long does it take?

This subtraction Meditation is the fastest way to achieve results from meditaiton. There are eight levels in cleansing the mind, but many people find results and relief from many of their problems quickly. The first level of Maum Meditation can be accomplished in one week to one month, depending on the individual’s schedule.


Can depression and stress be eliminated through Maum Meditation?

Depression and stress come from storing many images in your mind. Because of these images, you have conflict and hardships. When you cleanse your mind, you can eliminate the cause of your depression and stress.

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